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A Pope for All Seasons

A Pope for All Seasons

Testimonies Inspired by Saint John Paul II

By Monika Jablonska

284 pp

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About the Book

A Pope for All Seasons: Testimonies Inspired by Saint John Paul II contains reminiscences by people who admired this saintly man as student, actor, professor, mentor, author, priest, pope, political leader, uncle, and friend. Among the nearly 50 men and women who share their intimate thoughts on the Polish pontiff are internationally recognized figures such as: Maestro Placido Domingo, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Michael Reagan, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Newt Gingrich, and George Weigel. Each contributor offers insights into the pontificate, life, teachings, thoughts, and lessons of one of the most visible persons in recent history. 

This book was designed to help present and future generations build on the legacy of Saint John Paul II. It encourages us to study his life and activities on multiple levels—philosophy, literature, theatre, theology, politics, diplomacy, and more—so that he might inspire and guide our actions in the world.


“In her book, A Pope for All Seasons, Monika Jablonska offers a fascinating perspective on the famous efforts made by Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan to work together for the liberation of Poland from Soviet oppression. For the Pontiff, this mission to free the peoples of the captive nations was inspired by his commitment to build a civilization of love and truth and to carry out his mission ‘to overcome evil with good.’ In her gripping narrative, the author depicts the pope’s leadership and moral clarity in seeking the restoration of freedom and human dignity.”


former United States Attorney General


“Monika Jablonska superbly captures the strength of the bond between Saint John Paul II and my father, former President Ronald Reagan. The author confirms that when it comes to Providence, there are no coincidences.”


New York Times Bestselling Author


A Pope for All Seasons provides extraordinary insight into the life, legacy, and impact of Saint John Paul II. Through testimonies of those who knew him, we are reminded of the Polish pontiff’s example of courage, his message of love, and his hope for the future. This book is a brilliant tribute to Saint John Paul II’s historic pontificate.”


former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See


“Monika Jablonska has written a book that brings us a vision of John Paul II, not only as a great pope and man who changed history, but also as a saint who remains in living memory of all the respondents within these covers. Each interlocutor in A Pope for All Seasons reveals profoundly personal aspects of his or her relationship with Karol Wojtyla. From this kaleidoscope of recollections, he emerges as father, friend, mystic, prophet, and spiritual guide.”


postulator for the beatification and canonization process of John Paul II


“In this intimate book, singular witnesses of the life and work, the spirituality and teaching, of the pontiff speak about his inspiring effect upon their lives. Its unique collection of personal testimonies is generational as well as universal, but above all else, intensely personal.”


Professor of Law, the Jagiellonian University of Cracow  


“Monika Jablonska is among the most impressive women I have ever met. Her new book of interviews about John Paul II with his friends and collaborators is an invaluable historical document.”


author of Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic

About the Author

MONIKA JABLONSKA is a scholar, lecturer, business consultant, and author of Wind from Heaven: John Paul II, the Poet Who Became Pope. She holds law degrees from Fordham University and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. She has a Master’s degree in literature and is working on her PhD in political science. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

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