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Divine Craftsmanship

Divine Craftsmanship

Preliminaries to a Spirituality of Work

By Jean Hani

128 pp

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About the Book

In what way can human beings attain that Harmony whereby they become mediators between Heaven and Earth? In the mysterious language of symbols we can rediscover the sense of vocation that reflects Divine Activity. For God is, in reality, the sole Artisan. All the traditional crafts strive to imitate within their limitations the work of God, Who unceasingly creates and maintains the world. And in the end it is this that constitutes the sole foundation of the dignity of work. That is why this book seeks to bring us to an interior knowledge of God as Divine Artisan. Chapters include: The Divine Scribe — Christ the Physician — The Warrior God — The Divine Potter — God the Weaver — God the Architect and Mason — The ‘Son of the Carpenter’ — Pastor et Nauta — God the Fisherman and God the Hunter — The Celestial Gardener — The Master of the Harvest — The Master of the Vineyard — The Spirituality of Work and the Body Social.


“Through his research into hidden or lost meanings, Jean Hani has revealed and restored to our attention the most ‘initiatic’ dimensions of the Christian religion.”


author of The Secret of the Christian Way, and The Crisis of Religious Symbolism, Love & Truth

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