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The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy

Insights into its Mystery

By Jean Hani

188 pp

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About the Book

Without doubt, the gravest symptom in the crisis that the Western Church is currently undergoing — the effects of which on art have already been denounced in the author’s book The Symbolism of the Christian Temple — is the calling into question of the very meaning and content of the Mass, given that it is the heart and vital center of the Church. The intention of this book, however, is not to engage in theological disputes directly, but rather to survey the field from the vantage-point of the history of religions, and to unravel the characteristics of the Christian liturgy that link it to the universality of the sacred.


“Through his research into hidden or lost meanings, Jean Hani has revealed and restored to our attention the most ‘initiatic’ dimensions of the Christian religion.”


author of The Secret of the Christian Way, and The Crisis of Religious Symbolism (forthcoming from Angelico Press)

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