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Poems by David Craig

78 pp

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“This is a book of joy, an Easter of jubilation. Holiness infuses these poems: holy flights of imagination, holy laughter, holy living in the everyday, and holy resurrection hope. Even the punishing season of winter is ‘a glass of chilled champagne.’ And angels everywhere—materializing to sing a Bach mass in the middle of the night on an empty street, or maybe dropping in for a summer swim. The energy, the down-to-earth reverence—is all of a piece, creating an abundance of blessings for any reader fortunate enough to step inside the world David Craig writes and lives.”


Poetry Editor, Christian Century


“With his immediately recognizable voice—wry but reverent—and uncommonly deft prosodic skill, David Craig’s new poems serve to resurrect the beauty of formal structures bearing uncontainable and exultant spirit into view.”


author of Slow Pilgrim and Anaphora

“David Craig’s infectious new collection Easter celebrates the being and becoming of the ‘unlikely people’ with whom ‘God hangs out’ (oh, may we be among them!). It is impossible not to revel in its joyful faith. The collection brims with verses that merit meditation (‘Jesus waits to realize Himself in the flesh of this world./It was what He was born for’) as well as countless expressions of sheer happiness derived from a life that is ‘changing imperceptibly toward the good.’ Craig’s gift is to gather the fruit and the fracas of our dailiness and raise them in oblation, without attempting to conceal our rough edges, which are God’s to smooth. Easter is poetry to carry with us, from laughter to prayer, from trial to praise.”


Virginia Poet Laureate, Emerita


About the Author

DAVID CRAIG is winding up a 34-year career as a professor at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he’s been blessed to have taught creative writing, literature, and composition. 

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