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Life’s Journey

Life’s Journey

A Guide from Conception to Growing Up, Growing Old, and Natural Death

By Gerard M. Verschuuren

188 pp

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About the Book

In addition to guiding the reader through the biological milestones marking a lifetime, Gerard Verschuuren’s new book is also a philosophical pursuit of the Great Questions that accompany our journey through life. He describes in fascinating detail the six main phases of that journey: conception, life in the womb, infancy and childhood, adulthood, old age, and natural death. If you have children going through earlier phases, or parents experiencing later phases, this book offers a wealth of helpful information on what to expect. And if you are anxious to know what lies ahead on your own path, Life’s Journey is invaluable in preparing for any number of possibilities. This unique guide will enable you to better understand your children, spouse, parents, friends, and ultimately, yourself.


“Readers who seek to better understand the interplay between science and human nature need look no further. Gerard Verschuuren expertly explains the basic science of the physical body and its various growth and maturation processes from conception through death. Then, as philosopher and observer of human nature, he overlays the biological ‘facts’ with aspects of ourselves not easily explained—and even sometimes rejected—by science, that equally contribute to understanding the human organism.”


M.D., Massachusetts Gen. Hospital, Associate Prof. of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

“In this new book, Gerard Verschuuren wields his extensive experience as both geneticist and philosopher to take us on an informative odyssey from nascent human life to old age and beyond. Presenting the most up-to-date scientific facts in engaging prose, Verschuuren then guides us ‘behind the scenes’ to ask such probing questions as ‘is the brain a computer?’ and ‘what are addictions if we have free will?’”


M.D., FACS, Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Kansas School of Medicine

“Modern scientific advances have led to an unprecedented understanding of the mechanisms at work in the human body, its beginning, development, and decline: the ‘what’ of human beings. In Life’s Journey, Gerard Verschuuren engagingly reviews the biological facts, but also shows how they point to a non-material basis for the irreplaceable and unrepeatable ‘who’ of human beings. Over and over again in these pages the author demonstrates the absurdity of materialistic and deterministic explanations of who we are.”


M.D., Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Howard University College of Medicine

“Dr. Verschuuren’s book on human development presents the human life cycle in a holistic manner compatible with the best of Western scientific, philosophical, and theological thought. His approach steers clear of the irrationality of Scientism and restores the study of the sciences to its rightful position as the modern heir to Natural Philosophy. I highly recommend this book for inquisitive minds open to a non-dualistic view of the universe in general and of human life in particular.”


M.D., Professor of Radiology, Mayo Medical School

“In Life’s Journey, the author takes the reader on a breathtaking, beautifully written tour through all six stages of human life. He guides us on a journey that each of us has traveled or will travel—from conception to death (and birth in eternal life). The author’s knowledge of genetics and biology provides the reader with an up-to-date, scientifically solid description of each stage in a way that is eminently readable. In this fascinating book, Gerard Verschuuren expertly combines scientific details with the meaning behind each stage of life, eloquently explaining the truth and purpose of human existence. I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the wonders of God’s gift of human life.”


M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Surgery, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

About the Author

Gerard M. Verschuuren is a human geneticist with a doctorate in the philosophy of science. He has studied and worked at universities in Europe and the United States. Currently semi-retired, he spends most of his time as a writer, speaker, and consultant on the interface of science and religion, faith and reason. His most recent books from Angelico Press are: Life’s Journey—A Guide from Conception to Growing Up, Growing Old, and Natural DeathAquinas and Modern Science—A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason; and The Myth of an Anti-Science Church—Galileo, Darwin, Teilhard, Hawking, Dawkins.

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