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Towards an Ecumenical Metaphysics, Volume III

Towards an Ecumenical Metaphysics, Volume III

Ecumenical Science in Practice

By Antoine Arjakovsky

234 pp

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About the Book

The World Council of Churches does not limit its conception of ecumenism to what unites or divides Christians. In a famous 1997 text entitled “Common Understanding and Vision,” ecumenism is more broadly defined as “everything that relates to the whole task of the whole church to bring the gospel to the whole world.” Moreover, further steps have since been taken toward integrating other religions and faith traditions, leading to a new discipline offering a fully realistic and fully spiritual ecumenical perspective on the world, founded on ecumenical metaphysics and epistemology. This perspective applies to all realities of this world—from the mysteries of faith and spiritual practice to questions of international relations and ecology. It does not deny the originality of the classical, modern, or post-modern paradigms as found in all spiritual collectivities past and present upon our earth. Rather, it integrates them into a deeper, more personal, more sapiential, more transdisciplinary, and more eschatological logic. From this new perspective, the ecumenical movement is no longer aimed at constructing a vast worldview in which each individual might lose conviction in their personal orientations. Instead, we seek now a “loving gaze” focused on the actual, living faith of individuals. The power of this gaze knows no bounds: may it help make visible and joyously ring in the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth.


“This work aims not only to remedy the crisis of reason and the fragmentation of disciplines but to integrate all manifestations of religious experience. The author emphasizes, indeed hammers home, the point that knowledge can no longer be arrayed in opposition to belief. He shows, for instance, how unthinkable it should be to situate issues of fundamentalist violence in the illusion that violence could ever be true religion, which has led to the fatal error of believing that secularism alone is suited to preside over matters of civic harmony. This issue, and a host of others, are brilliantly engaged in this third volume of Antoine Arjakovsky’s ecumenical metaphysics.”


Collège des Bernardins, former episcopal vicar of the diocese of Paris for ecumenism

“This third volume of the trilogy Towards an Ecumenical Metaphysics serves as a veritable guidebook for ‘ecumenical travelers’ to important places and worksites actively representing this urgently needed perspective on all fronts: artistic creation, peacebuilding, management, information and communication technology, pedagogy, and ecological science. It equips readers to participate with growing understanding in the complex challenges that our contemporary and evolving sense of humanity requires. Antoine Arjakovsky is a sure guide along this new path.”


International University of Monaco 


“With the publication of this third and final installment of his extended study, Towards an Ecumenical Metaphysics, Antoine Arjakovsky arrives now at practical applications of what he so exhaustively presented in the first two volumes. He canvasses all major contemporary manifestations of this new discipline. Faith and reason are brought together. A tide of holistic knowledge and openness to the Spirit rises over and unites pre-existing compartments of study in one great hall of learning—the over-riding intent of fusing without confusing, distinguishing without separating.”


priest of the diocese of Mende, France 

About the Author

ANTOINE ARJAKOVSKY is Research Director at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris. He is the president of the French Association of Christian Philosophers. Founder in 2004 of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Lviv, he has been teaching ecumenical science since 2011 at the Institut chrétiens d’Orient and at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris. He also directs a research seminar on peacebuilding in Europe.

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