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A Certain Faith

A Certain Faith

The Catholic Alternative

By Barry R. Pearlman

308 pp

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About the Book

This masterpiece of modern apologetics builds upon the intrinsic, formative principle within thought—namely, being. Having established the idea of being (indeed, of Absolute Being) as essential to all coherent thought, the author shows that it was a failure to appreciate the analogy of being that led to the disastrous errors of Kant and postmodern philosophy—for the analogia entis links all that exists. After beginning with philosophy, the book’s clear aim is to demolish postmodernism, to strengthen and nourish the life of faith, and, finally, to take the reader on an extraordinary journey as far as the consummation of the life of faith in mystical union. This remarkable and timely text offers a profound, succinct, and accessible introduction to cosmology, revelation, Christology, the nature of the Church, and the moral and spiritual life, providing readers a compass to help them navigate the troubled waters of our time.


“Whether you are inquiring into Christianity or simply trying to gain a deeper, more organic sense of the Catholic faith as an interconnected whole, this up-to-date, intelligent volume is worth more than its weight in gold. A Certain Faith is an inspiring and uplifting achievement, offering an accessible synthesis of traditional metaphysics and fundamental theology to underpin a renewal of apologetics. Such clarity, in such depth and breadth, is rare in our time! Moreover, the author does not separate theology and philosophy from spirituality and the interior life, as is all too often the case. A real find for the serious seeker.”


About the Author

BARRY R. PEARLMAN, Ph.D. B.Th., is a Catholic apologist and writer. He was born in South Wales but grew up and was educated in Texas. He studied mathematics, social psychology, and literature at the University of Houston. Upon graduation he returned to Wales, where he met his wife Anne, and eventually moved to Australia. There he obtained his doctorate in social psychology and a degree in theology, majoring in biblical theology and exegesis. Recent publications include Fatima, the First Hundred Years and Treasure in Heaven. He is currently retired and lives in Wales.

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