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A Metaphysics of the Christian Mystery

A Metaphysics of the Christian Mystery

An Introduction to the Work of Jean Borella

By Bruno Bérard

148 pp

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About the Book

The Christian mysteries may all too easily seem so well traveled a terrain as to recede into a sort of commonplace backdrop in our lives. How often do we not unreflectingly assume that we already know exactly what lies under every theological rock. And yet, through the eyes of a vibrant, inspired metaphysician, this terrain proves to be still largely uncharted, rich in mysteries as yet undiscovered. Most maps, ancient, old, or even new, soon fade; yet from time to time gifted “cartographers”—alive to the present while also fully trained in the work of their predecessors—appear among us, bringing to light new measures and mysteries from perspectives till now only dimly seen. Such charts from new vantage points were, in their time, drawn by St. Augustine, St. Dionysius the Areopagite, St. Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, Nicholas of Cusa, and numerous other Christian thinkers. Today we are fortunate that a contemporary Christian thinker, Jean Borella (b. 1930), has followed the mold of such individuals through a series of major Christian metaphysical works. Borella’s work, however, is not well known to Anglophone readers—a condition the present volume aims to remedy, with a special emphasis on the needs of a broader audience.


“The English-speaking world owes Bruno Bérard a great debt of gratitude for this masterful overview of Jean Borella’s project of reminding a forgetful age of the true nature and scope of the human spirit. But Bérard offers far more than a summary of Borella’s ideas on this score; rather, he gives us an encounter with Borella himself, whom he allows to speak to us directly out of the heart of his own thought. In the pages of this book, one of the great philosophers of our time recalls to us, with exemplary rigor, lucidity, and depth, the core of our humanity—that is, the intellectual aspiration to sacred knowing that finds its graced fulfillment in a fully orthodox ‘Christic faith’ that is no other than the ‘narrow gate’ through which we enter into the one and only gnosis truly worthy of the name.”


Catholic University of America

“No one, I dare say, understands Jean Borella better than Bruno Bérard, who in fact seems missioned to interpret this Catholic philosopher—in my view the greatest of our age. Yet in fairness it should be said that despite the immense clarity achieved in Bérard’s Introduction, this book is no easy read: how could it be, seeing that it deals with the ultimate questions of metaphysics and theology! Yet for those who truly seek ‘the “beyond” of things that is metaphysical reality,’ as Bérard so aptly puts it, this book stands without peer. It holds, moreover, a special challenge for both the post-Conciliar and the traditional Catholic: for the one, to deepen his outlook; and for the other, to broaden it. To which I would add that Borella’s opus strikes me as the non plus ultra in both respects.”


author of Cosmos & Transcendence and The Quantum Enigma

About the Author

Bruno Bérard (b. 1958) received his doctorate in ‘Religions and Thought-Systems’ from the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris. Among his publications: Introduction à une métaphysique des mystères chrétiens (2005), Jean Borella: La Révolution métaphysique (2006), Initiation à la Métaphysique (2009), and Métaphysique du paradoxe (forthcoming). He has also been editor of several collaborative works: Qu’est-ce que la métaphysique? (2010), Métaphysique des contes de fées (2011), Métaphysique et psychanalyse (2013), and Physics and Metaphysics with Jean Borella and Wolfgang Smith(forthcoming in France and the United States). Dr. Bérard is also an executive manager for international aeronautic groups, and gives pro bono assistance fostering the growth of start-ups and small enterprises.

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