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Come Abide

Come Abide

Con-solatio, A Ministry of Presence

By the Con-solatio Missionaries

Edited by Anna Flournoy

244 pp

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About the Book

Since 2005, Con-solatio has offered young adults a unique opportunity to serve as volunteer missionaries in some of the world’s most troubled areas, and to dedicate a year to a ministry of friendship towards those whose hearts are wearied by loneliness and sorrow.

Come Abide compiles excerpts of Con-solatio volunteers’ hundreds of raw and consoling letters. These true stories of life-transforming relationships witness to the healing power of a simple presence.


Come Abide will take you to faraway places—Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, and deep into the thirsting heart of Christ.”


author of Convicted by Mercy


Come Abide offers an inspiring and fascinating look into the personal lives of young volunteers. There are many intense, dramatic encounters of Christian unconditional love in action, with the poorest of the poor in their darkest times, that are seen and felt in the Con-solatio volunteer program. They live it all through a deep spirituality with the love of Christ, in his sufferings.”


director of St. Francis House


“Christ surprises Con-solatio volunteers by meeting them in the people they serve; He teaches the volunteers to look for, recognize, and welcome Him everywhere and in everyone they encounter. Unexpectedly, His wisdom speaks through the voice of street children. His humanity and thirst for love shine through the gaze of the derelict and the abandoned of the world. His mercy flows through the generosity and friendship of the poorest of the poor.”


Italian teacher


Come Abide draws away the veil from the hearts and minds of young volunteers who have joined themselves to the mission of Con-solatio. Their testimonies are filled with faith, friendship, zeal, and self-discovery. Each in their own way, the contributors have discovered the beauty of friendship with Christ and those to whom He sent them.”


Diocese of Brooklyn

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