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Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints

The Unity of Divine Love in the Mystical Body of Christ

By Stephen Walford

410 pp

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About the Book

At the heart of the Catholic faith, mirroring the great mystery of the Holy Trinity, stands another mystery, that of the “communion of saints,” in which the three states of the Church—on Earth, in Purgatory, and in Heaven—are united in sanctity and charity. In his new book, Stephen Walford invites us into this mystery from both biblical and theological perspectives so we may better understand what it means to be part of the “Mystical Body of Christ.” In a world where rationalism and relativism seek to erase the divine truth of Christianity, the doctrine of the communion of saints invites us to look beyond the natural, and embrace the supernatural, united in love with the Holy Souls and Saints who assist us in our journey toward the Kingdom of God. This book seeks to illumine, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the beauty of this teaching of the Church on the unity of the divine love between God and man.


“In this book Stephen Walford takes us on an interesting and well-planned journey enlightened by the Word of God, nourished by the Fathers of the Church, and guided by the Magisterium of the Church—a journey that may well lead all who choose to take this “road less traveled” to discover an irresistible invitation to holiness.”


Archbishop of Quebec, Primate of Canada

“For his attempt to explain the communion of saints against the background of the Gospels and the teachings of the Fathers of the Church, the author deserves the special gratitude of all who are interested in delving deeply into the mystery of the Church. His lucid accounts of the teachings of the Popes—especially those of Pope Francis on the Mercy of God—deserve special mention.”


Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church

“Stephen Walford shows us the Church as it really is. There are not multiple churches—one in heaven, one on earth, one in purgatory. We believe in one Church that is heavenly and earthly; a Church that is truly catholic, universal, reaching to the heights of heaven and the plains of earth. To think like a Catholic is to have this sense of the communion of saints. To know this communion is to go forward in life with hope and confidence. I highly recommend this profound and inspiring book to all Christians.”


author of Rome Sweet Home

“This is truly an inspired and inspiring work! Stephen Walford has authored a theologically reliable and beautifully written book. Using scripture, the teaching of the Church, and the writings of Saints, he provides not only an informative and moving account of the Saints in heaven, the souls in purgatory, and faithful upon earth, but also how all of the members marvelously interrelate with one another to form the one living and eternal Body of Christ, with Jesus as the Head. This book will transform hearts and quicken minds, for readers will glory in the fact that they are members of such a glorious reality—The Communion of Saints.”


O.F.M.,Cap., Capuchin College; Member, Vatican International Theological Commission

“In Stephen Walford’s new book one rediscovers the broader relevance of the Church as the ‘Mystical Body of Christ,’ in its three aspects as Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant. The author’s reflections are made in the context of the fundamental mystery of communion in the Holy Trinity. His theological, catechetical, and spiritual rediscovery of the ‘Communion of Saints’ is a most timely and relevant contribution.”


CMI; Member, Vatican International Theological Commission

About the Author

Stephen Walford resides with his wife Paula and five children in Southampton, England. He is the author of Heralds of the Second Coming, a study of the papal prophetic charism. He has written for various print and online Catholic journals on eschatological and mariological themes. He is also a pianist and teacher. For more information, visit the author’s website:

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