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Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

Ridding the Church of Abuses of Sex and Power

By Adam A.J. Deville

154 pp

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About the Book

The most serious sex abuse crisis in Catholic history demands the most serious and far-reaching response. This book is a contribution to that response. Its proposed changes would revolutionize Catholic structures from the parish to the papacy. Unlike other revolutions, however, this one is anchored with great care in both history and theology, including that of the various Eastern Churches.

This book shows that the current monocausal explanations of abuse and cover-up (either “clericalism” or “homosexuality”) both overlook the structural issues of governance. The current centralized structures, which monopolize power in the hands of bishops and popes, must be reformed and in their place new structures of local accountability implemented, in order for the Church to move past the present crisis.

This is a radical book in the original sense of the word: a return to root practices that structured much of Catholic life for hundreds of years. It is thus a deeply “traditionalist” book rooted strongly in venerable Christian practices, but is also an openly “liberal” book that argues in favor of liberating the laics so they can resume with voice and vote their rightful role in the councils of governance.


“Adam DeVille’s vision is at once forward-thinking and eminently traditional. Without a doubt this is a book that can raise quite a stir. And I hope it will. It deserves serious, prayerful reading.”


“Searing and fearless, Adam DeVille humanizes the meaning of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and calls for a radical reconfiguration of the exercise of power. Professor DeVille’s vision will frighten many a hierarch, because only a Church in which bishops, clergy, and laity share authority can rescue Catholicism from cultural and spiritual shipwreck.”


“Readers with open minds and generous hearts will find this a provocative, helpful contribution to the badly needed debate about reform in the Church at a moment when reform is so urgently needed.”


“DeVille’s painfully honest analysis, informed with his long-established academic rigor, creativity, and captivating style, makes for gripping reading wedded to an implementable call to action.”


“In this provocative and serious book, Adam DeVille presents radical ways of transforming the Church through a return to synodal and conciliar structures rooted in the traditions of the ancient Church. His is a strong, courageous challenge to an embattled and damaged Church.”


“This book eloquently and cogently pleads for the Roman Catholic Church to be released from the captivity of an over-centralized, over-individualized model of authority, arguing that this model is at the heart of many other dysfunctionalities. A sober, theologically informed, and very significant work.”


“Intelligent and provocative, this book is written out of a deep love for the Church. One needn’t agree with DeVille on every point to profit from his perceptive analysis of the present ecclesial situation and from his proposals for reform.”


“Writing with exceptional passion, Adam DeVille identifies a path that might allow Roman Catholics to move past ‘the current papal-centric structure’ and toward a Church in which authority and decision-making power is more jointly shared by laity, clergy, and bishops.”


“Adam DeVille continues the line of great Catholic theologians who have asked uncomfortable questions and provided unconventional solutions to ecclesiological issues.”


“Deploying exceptional knowledge of Church history and awareness of ecclesial structures both inside and outside the Catholic Church, Adam DeVille deconstructs the ruling idols of the Catholic imaginary and cuts to the core of the rampant pathologies haunting the ecclesial psyche.”


“Adam DeVille’s proposal for cleansing and reform in the Catholic Church is crystal-clear: the Church must stop being governed by a caste of clerical guardians and start governing itself. In this learned, passionate, and ecumenically informed book, DeVille leaves his readers eager to get to work on his proposal today.”


About the Author

Adam A.J. DeVille is an associate professor in the theology department and director of humanities at the University of Saint Francis in Ft. Wayne, IN; and editor-in-chief of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies.

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