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Love & Truth

Love & Truth

The Christian Path of Charity

By Jean Borella

470 pp

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About the Book

Love and Truth (Amour et Vérité, 2011), by Jean Borella, is the revised and recast second edition of a book first published in France in 1979 under the title La charité profanée (The Desecration of Charity). The original idea for this book sprang from the author’s bewilderment and dismay at seeing, in the immediate aftermath of the Second Vatican Council, theologians and other Church members call into question or reject some of the fundamental dogmas of the Christian faith, all in the name of a love for humanity.

Jean Borella shows how at the core of this “rage” for love there festered an illusion—indeed, a perversion—of charity in its inmost essence. But not only this: he likewise shows that to relinquish custody of truth to the keeping of a materialist science would be to ignore the limits and errors of this science, and above all to grow calloused to the doctrinal splendors of the loftiest theological and metaphysical science. Hence the necessity, when dealing with the created world and human beings, to present a concept—new in form if not in its depths—that offers faithful Christians fertile ground to put down roots again. A vast undertaking, yes, but one that has led Borella to discern the strayings of modern man, and to his quest to rediscover beneath that perversion the unique Light shining in the darkness which represents the authentic meaning of Christian charity. Christ has said: only knowledge of the Truth will set us free… and free to love.

About the Author

French religious philosopher JEAN BORELLA (b. 1930) taught metaphysics and the history of ancient and medieval philosophy at the University of Nancy until 1995. His aim has always been to blend the concerns of philosophy with those of the Christian faith, its dogmas, as well as its symbolic expressions. Among his other books in English translation are The Crisis of Religious Symbolism and Christ the Original Mystery, both available from Angelico Press.

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