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Mysteries of the Old Testament

Mysteries of the Old Testament

By Anne Catherine Emmerich

184 pp

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About the Book

Mysteries of the Old Testament commences with an account of Joseph and his wife Asenath in Egypt, with special focus on “The Mystery of the Promise”—perhaps the most unique and powerful theme running through all these volumes. Fresh perspectives are offered on Moses, Samson and Delilah, the Nazirites, Elijah and Elisha, Tobias, Ezra, Zoroaster, the Holy Book of Ctesiphon, and the final prophet, Malachi. The second part is thrilling, passing through several stages of the Ark of the Covenant, which reaches its consummation, in its fourth and final form, in the Virgin Mary herself.h writer, Joseph Nicolello deftly weaves a dialogue between the French philosopher and the American storyteller, in which first he, then she, takes the guiding role, exploring grand themes of “mystery and manners,” the interdependencies of doing, making, thinking, and feeling, theological poetics and connatural knowledge, the requisites and rewards of literary culture—all the while taking sniper-like shots at modern idols and idiocies. The “Gloss and Primer” in advance of the dialogue presents us with a vision of how the art of fiction, and particularly Catholic fiction, can regain its bearings and its inspiration.


Various editions of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich have been compiled over the years, but only recently (2009) were the 38 volumes of the complete, original notes of these visions published. Angelico Press has drawn heavily from these notes, setting its editions apart from all others. To meet the different needs, Angelico has published the visions in three editions:

(1) 3-volume deluxe, large-format (8.5 x 11) edition of 1600 pages, with day-by-day chronology and summaries during Christ’s ministry, supplements, 42 maps, indexes, 350 scenes from the life of Jesus painted by the French painter J. James Tissot, hundreds of other illustrations. The definitive edition.

(2) 4-volume smaller-format (6 x 9) “handy” edition of 1700 pages, with day-by-day chronology, 43 maps, 149 illustrations. Same full vision text as in (1).

(3) 12-volume New Light on the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich series, supplementing the above editions. Each volume consists of material selected by individual or theme and supplemented with new material drawn from the original notes. Virtually every individual in the visions (approximately 250 in total) is referenced is the first 5 volumes. The remaining 7 volumes are dedicated to: the Virgin Mary, the lives of the saints, Creation, the Old Testament, inner life, spiritual works, and a 2-volume biography of Anne Catherine.

About the Author

Anne Catherine Emmerich (Sept. 8, 1774–Feb. 9, 1824) lived from early childhood in almost continual vision of scenes from the Old and New Testaments. By the time she had become (at 29) an Augustinian nun, the visions were concerned primarily with the life of Jesus. In November 1812, she was permanently confined to bed, shortly thereafter received the stigmata, and was for the rest of her life sustained almost exclusively by water and the Eucharist. Many came to visit her, among them the famous poet Clemens Brentano, who was so affected by her radiance that he moved close by to record her visions. On July 29, 1820, Anne Catherine began to communicate to Brentano scenes of the day-to-day life of Jesus, which in due course encompassed the better part of his ministry. She was able to describe in extraordinary detail the places Jesus visited, his miracles and healings, his teaching activity, and the people around him (some unknown to history)—including the apostles’ journeys after the Passion. At the same time she communicated far-reaching insights into many other mysteries, including teachings on prayer and the spiritual life, spiritual healing, the saints, heaven, hell, and purgatory, the life of the Virgin Mary, the Ark of the Covenant, the Promise, the Tree of Life, the Mountain of the Prophet, and many other themes. In 2004 she was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

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