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Person, Soul and Identity

Person, Soul and Identity

Philosophy and the Real Self

By Robert Bolton

264 pp

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About the Book

The reality of the self is—perhaps paradoxically—of more than purely personal interest. It is as important for religion as is the existence of God. Without it, any religious message can only go from nothing to nothing. Worse yet, scepticism about self and soul breeds religious unbelief. Person, Soul, and Identity explores the deepest questions of personal identity in order to refute the modern nihilism which denies the reality of the self. 

What is the true self? What is the basis of our personal identity? Robert Bolton shows how the self, with its uniqueness and personal immortality, can be validated in terms of a philosophy that might better be called a universal wisdom tradition. This philosophy illumines issues of life, death, and personality in a way that has never ceased to be relevant, and criticizes a number of theories that tend to negate the self— besides being a timely attack on a lot of nonsense on stilts pretending to be scientific.

About the Author

Robert Bolton was educated in the sciences and developed a strong interest in traditional metaphysics, obtaining from Exeter University the degrees of M.Phil and Ph.D. He is the author of The Order of the AgesThe Logic of Spiritual ValuesSelf and SpiritThe One and the Many: A Defense of Theistic Religion, and Foundations of Free Will. He is also a regular contributor to the journal Sacred Web.

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