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The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich

By Carl E. Schmöger

544 pp

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About the Book

This volume represents a condensed, edited, rearranged, supplemented, and retypeset edition of Rev. Carl E. Schmöger’s exhaustive biography of Anne Catherine Emmerich, first published in English in 1885. For clarity of organization, much of this biography in its original form has been redistributed among other volumes of this series. An additional feature is the inclusion of a concise overview of Anne Catherine’s life translated from the work of Fr. Helmut Fahsel.


Various editions of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich have been compiled over the years, but only recently (2009) were the 38 volumes of the complete, original notes of these visions published. Angelico Press has drawn heavily from these notes, setting its editions apart from all others. To meet the different needs, Angelico has published the visions in three editions:

(1) 3-volume deluxe, large-format (8.5 x 11) edition of 1600 pages, with day-by-day chronology and summaries during Christ’s ministry, supplements, 42 maps, indexes, 350 scenes from the life of Jesus painted by the French painter J. James Tissot, hundreds of other illustrations. The definitive edition.

(2) 4-volume smaller-format (6 x 9) “handy” edition of 1700 pages, with day-by-day chronology, 43 maps, 149 illustrations. Same full vision text as in (1).

(3) 12-volume New Light on the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich series, supplementing the above editions. Each volume consists of material selected by individual or theme and supplemented with new material drawn from the original notes. Virtually every individual in the visions (approximately 250 in total) is referenced is the first 5 volumes. The remaining 7 volumes are dedicated to: the Virgin Mary, the lives of the saints, Creation, the Old Testament, inner life, spiritual works, and a 2-volume biography of Anne Catherine.


“Angelico Press has established a landmark in publishing definitive, revised editions (in many cases supplemented with material never translated before) of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, who was beatified by John Paul II in 2004. This multi-volume work will be the authoritative English-language reference for her testimony.”


author of The Secret Still Hidden

“To call Angelico’s new, definitive editions based upon the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich a stunning, moving, and beautiful epic is an exercise in understatement. Their multi-volume editions detail not only the fascinating story of the stigmatist and visionary of the turn of the 19th century, but the even more enthralling stories of just what those visions contained depicted both in words and images, supplemented and made complete by previously untranslated material from the original notes of Clemens Brentano, maps, chronologies, genealogies, and everything readers need to immerse themselves in the totally gripping world of the life of Jesus Christ as God revealed it to her, as well as stories from the Old Testament and the lives of the saints, teachings on the spiritual life, heaven, hell, purgatory, and more. Can you imagine what it would be like to get an insider’s bird’s-eye view of Jesus’s three-year social mission throughout the holy land — day by day and step by step? It is here in these volumes, along with so much more that will open up readers even further to the beauty and profundity of the gospels and of other scriptures. Thank you, Angelico Press.”


author of One-Minute Aquinas and Memorize the Faith!

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