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The Other World We Live In

The Other World We Live In

A Catholic Vision of Angelic Reality

By Scott Randall Paine

194 pp

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About the Book

Of all the invisible realities we live among — from virtual networks to rays of sunshine — none are more overlooked than the world of angels, which most relegate either to fundamentalist religion or to elitist cults. But there is another option. We stand with all three Abrahamic faiths (as well as with the majority of the world’s traditions) in acknowledging that God’s creation consists in a threefold, ascending order: cosmic, human, and angelic. This hierarchy may seem to dethrone our sensitive egos from the pinnacle of creation, but in truth it assigns our human nature a far more dignified, intermediate station that Aquinas calls a “marvelous connection,” serving to join the world of matter and the realm of pure spirit. Furthermore, the vexing problem of evil takes on a new dimension when we realize there is mischief not only in us but in the spiritual order as well. When angelic reality is factored into our view of creation and our moral struggles, that view matures and broadens. The “plane” of humankind and cosmos will lack three-dimensionality until intersected by the companion world of the pure spirits.


“Where are we in the cosmic battle that engages the opposing armies of Heaven and Hell? This beautiful and terrible book (‘terrible’ in the best sense, like Our Lady, who is said to be, terrible as an army in battle array) elucidates the part we are to play in the drama unfolding all around us on an invisible plane. How can we afford to miss out on this vision?”


Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey

“In sparkling, spirited prose, Scott Paine addresses the modern world’s appalling amnesia regarding the nature and history of the angelic orders, and their demonic counterparts. The result is a thoroughly engaging guidebook to the world of spirits, ranging from Our Lady’s relationship with angels to the reasons why devils are falling as well as fallen, to the arsenal of demon-busting weapons in the Catholic armory.”


Smith College


“The author integrates insights into the world of angels and demons with Christian spirituality, buttressing what we profess in the Nicene Creed, namely, our faith in one God, the maker of all things visible and invisible. The whole is couched in theologically refined language and a style at the same time gripping, stirring, and uplifting.”


St. John Vianney Theological Seminary


“Scott Randall Paine has authored a masterpiece of angelology. Crisply concise, it nevertheless covers the topic comprehensively: cosmologically, metaphysically, psychologically, scripturally, spiritually. His treatment of the fall of the angels is the best I’ve read, and the latter part is a masterclass on spiritual warfare.”


Divine Mercy University

“Drawing upon the intellectual traditions of far wiser cultures, Fr. Scott Randall Paine illuminates how the angels foster the coherence of the spiritual world with the visible world. This remarkable book also provides practical bearings toward living with these hierarchical beings, as understood in the light of Christian faith.”


Lyceum Institute


“The angelic world so surpasses our limited understanding that we need to approach it with both theological precision and poetic insight. In The Other World We Live In, Fr. Paine deftly leads us on such an exploration, emphasizing the light and glory of the holy angels, but also giving due attention to the dark world of demons.”


St. John Vianney Theological Seminary

About the Author

SCOTT RANDALL PAINE is a priest of the archdiocese of Brasilia, and professor of Medieval Philosophy and Oriental Thought at the University of Brasilia. A native of the United States, since 1974 he has lived, studied and taught in various countries of Europe, Asia and South America. He has published widely in both Portuguese and English on religious and philosophical topics, including most recently an anthology of the works of the British philosopher, Bernard Kelly (Angelico Press, 2017). He has been Visiting Scholar at Munich’s Hochschule für Philosophie, the National University of Singapore and Harvard Divinity School. His current writing and research can be followed at

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