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The Secret of the Little Flower

The Secret of the Little Flower

By Henri Ghéon

256 pp

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About the Book

This book tells the story of a girl from a small convent in Normandy, who lived a life of complete seclusion, known only by a few close friends, and yet today is a canonized saint known throughout the world. Her convent in Lisieux is visited by pilgrims from around the globe, churches in nearly every country are dedicated to her, and her simple spirituality has resonated with people from all walks of life. This is the story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Yet, as with any person of such fame, it is often difficult to cut through the flowery portrayals to get a glimpse of the individual herself. It was this realization that motivated Henri Ghéon, unsatisfied with the sentimentalized pictures of Thérèse then available, to pen her story. In The Secret of the Little Flower she is shown as a child innately proud, passionate, and self-willed; a woman possessing flaws as well as true greatness and originality. Ghéon here has performed the great service of bringing the true "little flower" to light.

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