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The Seven Champions of Christendom

The Seven Champions of Christendom

By F. J. Harvey Darton

Illustrated by Norman Ault

434 pp

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About the Book

Based upon Richard Johnson's work, which first appeared in print in the 1590s and was widely read for over three centuries after its publication, The Seven Champions of Christendom whisks the reader away to a bygone age of mythic heroes and warrior saints engaged in earthly battle against evil. The Seven are St. George of England, St. Denis of France, St. James of Spain, St. Anthony of Italy, St. Andrew of Scotland, St. Patrick of Ireland, and St. David of Wales. Subsequently rewritten in modern English by W. H. G. Kingston, the book depicts their memorable battles by sea and land; their jousts and tournaments; their combats with giants, monsters, and dragons; their adventures in foreign nations; their enchantments in the Holy-Land; and their victories over the enemies of Christ.

The Seven Champions of Christendom is an exuberant combination of Christian sainthood, heroic folklore, and chivalric romance-and in this Angelico Press edition, enriched with illustrations by Norman Ault-and is a book that will continue to delight readers young and old.

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