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Allen & Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

Allen & Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

506 pp

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About the Book

For more than a century, Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar has been an indispensable companion for anyone studying classical Latin, and is still regarded by many students and teachers as the finest Latin reference grammar available. Though primarily a guide to grammar, and most useful when translating from Latin to English, the section on syntax is immeasurably helpful also for translating to Latin. Concise, comprehensive, and well organized, this work is unrivaled in depth and clarity, with abundant advice on usage, vocabulary, diction, and composition. This special student edition has the additional feature of a larger format for easier readability. The book’s treatment starts with words and forms, covering parts of speech, declensions, and conjugations. The grammatical points are clearly explained and numerous examples help clarify each point. The second part explores cases, moods, and tenses, and the final section offers information on archaic usages, Latin verse, and prose composition, among other subjects. Extensive appendices feature a glossary of terms and indexes. A great and time-tested resource for Latin students, scholars, and teachers, now in a form more accessible to contemporary students of the Classics.

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