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Medieval People

Medieval People

By Eileen Power

250 pp

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About the Book

Too little intimate history has been written of common people in the Middle Ages. Most “comprehensive” works pass them by in favor of tales of monarchs and warriors. Yet if we truly wish to form an accurate understanding of how life was during a certain period, it is to the lives of ordinary people that we should first direct out attention. It is precisely this strategy that Eileen Power employs in Medieval People. In this refreshingly insightful collection of lives untouched by fame, Power guides the reader through the everyday activities of merchants, travelers, peasants, and monastics, painting a vivid picture of medieval life through their personal stories. Though of course meticulously researched—drawing upon journals, letters, court documents, wills, and first-hand accounts—Power’s lives are far from the stuffily academic. She gives her characters room in a way that makes comfortable space for the reader to walk alongside them, sharing their daily activities, their wants and cares, trials and triumphs. Both highly enjoyable and informative, Medieval People is sure to appeal to students, teachers, and all those with a particular interest in medieval history.

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