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Glory Unto Glory

Glory Unto Glory

A Primer on Ascetical Theology

By Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

146 pp

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About the Book

Do you want to dive deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you looking for the deep springs of our spiritual nature? Do you suspect that you’re missing the fuller picture of our supernatural life? If so, Glory Unto Glory: A Primer on Ascetical Theology was written for you. Most such books today limit themselves to the practice of prayer or a broad introduction to the spiritual life. Some address moral truth. But few, if any, situate all these aspects within the gift of our supernatural lives.

If we do not understand our call to the supernatural life in Jesus Christ, our efforts in the spiritual life, our struggles with prayer or virtue, will lack clear direction and purpose. We will not understand the goal of our efforts to cooperate with God’s grace. We will not know what we are doing or why it’s important. This book looks to the infinite horizon of the supernatural life. It provides the oftentimes missing context within which all the parts of the spiritual life receive their meaning and purpose.


“Fr. Kirby’s Glory Unto Glory: A Primer on Ascetical Theology is a classic for anyone aspiring to behold and affirm in their life ‘the regenerative and transformative power of grace.’ It is a rich resource serving classroom, retreat, and journal all in one. Fr. Kirby masterfully weaves together the Scriptures, the Catechism, elements of Christian Tradition, and personal stories to invite the reader to work more ardently at the supernatural life and to cooperate more fully with divine grace. There is so much here for the human heart.”


bishop of Youngstown and editor of The Priest Magazine


With Glory Unto Glory, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby provides all Christians, especially those called to marriage and family life, with an introduction to the supernatural life and the pursuit of holiness. This book is an important tool for our day, when the family has been so terribly under attack and we need an avenue to help us see once again the supernatural in the midst of the natural.”


author of The Anti-Mary Exposed and Theology of Home


“Fr. Kirby’s book has the capacity to teach, challenge, and form the minds and hearts of a generation of Catholics who may simply not know where to begin. Glory Unto Glory has helped me to see the greater forest even amid the trees of daily life. When we know the ‘whole story,’ salvation becomes exciting and personal.”


Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word


About the Author

FATHER JEFFREY KIRBY, STD, is the Pastor of Our Lady of Grace Parish in Indian Land, SC. He is a moral theologian, Papal Missionary of Mercy, and an Adjunct Professor of Theology at Belmont Abbey College. Fr. Kirby is sought after as a retreat leader and conference speaker. He is the author of several books, including Sanctify Them in Truth: How the Church’s Social Doctrine Addresses the Issues of Our Time.

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