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Golgonooza, City of Imagination

Golgonooza, City of Imagination

Last Studies in William Blake

By Kathleen Raine

192 pp

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About the Book

Considered one of the seminal poets and artists of the Romantic Age, William Blake and his idiosyncratic mix of philosophy and art have long baffled and delighted readers from all walks of life. When encountering such a unique body of work for the first time, the reader would be wise to mimic Dante in calling upon a guide, and few, if any, could be more qualified for such a task than Kathleen Raine. Golgonooza, City of Imagination includes seven studies representing the culmination of Raine’s forty years of research into the meaning and character of Blake’s symbolic themes. Widely recognized as one of Blake’s most profound interpreters, and an accomplished poet in her own right, Raine reaches into the very heart of Blake’s thought and serves as no less than an insider’s guide to the extraordinary height, depth, and breadth of his imaginative vision.

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