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Historic Costumes

Historic Costumes

A Guide to Making Them

By Mary Fernald & Eileen Shenton

174 pp

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About the Book

This practical guide to historical costume is essential for anyone planning to create accurate period costumes for theatrical productions or historical reenactments. From the short tunics of Saxon men of the fifth century to a lady’s bustle dress of the late nineteenth century, this richly illustrated work offers an abundance of authentic patterns. Details of pattern sizes, required materials, and sewing methods accompany simple diagrams for Elizabethan doublets, capes, and trunks; a coat and vest from the Restoration; a bell-shaped gown of the eighteenth century; an early nineteenth-century empire gown; a crinoline; and many other items.

Diagrams are accurately drawn to scale from working patterns, and there are suggestions for the most suitable colors and textures for costumes of different historical periods. Students of costume design, tailors, and community theater groups will welcome this carefully researched guidebook to fifteen centuries of English costume.

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