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Praying with the Heart

Praying with the Heart

The Little Way to Jesus

By Jean Khoury

106 pp

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About the Book

The prayer of the heart is one of the dearest treasures of Christianity. It transforms any prayer by the fire of God’s love, allowing for an immersion in Christ whereby He is able to communicate to us the Holy Spirit. In his new book Praying with the Heart: The Little Way to Jesus, Jean Khoury entrusts to us the secret of the sustainable and successful way of practicing prayer of the heart. While remaining rooted in the living Tradition, the book offers new and abundant practical insights as well, making it a useful contemporary manual to this ancient spiritual practice. No Christian who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit should ignore this fruitful means of prayer.

About the Author

Jean Khoury obtained his BA in Philosophy and MA in Spiritual Theology from the Institut Catholique de Toulouse and the Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum. He is currently completing his PhD in Spiritual Theology at the Angelicum, Rome. Through his work and writing, Jean has become a respected authority on mysticism and the spiritual life. He has lectured and led retreats throughout the world, and in 2003 founded the School of Mary to promote formation in the spiritual life.

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