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Staying Tender

Staying Tender

Contemplation, Pathway to Compassion

By Luke Bell, OSB

146 pp

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About the Book

This book is a kind of retreat, a coming away to find where Jesus dwells. The author, a Benedictine monk, ponders the word of God and the testimony of poets as he asks: What does it mean for the Lord to “abide in us” and we in Him? The “disciple whom Jesus loved”—the timeless model of all contemplatives—is our principal guide, as we look now at one, now at another aspect of the indwelling of God in our soul and in the people He has given us to love. The aim of Fr Luke’s meditations is to help us become like St. John: prayerfully rooted in what is eternal, so as to be a source of compassion for others—in need and in friendship. This illuminating journey from earth to heaven, from within to without, from isolation to communion, helps us look afresh at the world God has made and remade, at the soul wherein He abides if only we will welcome Him, at the Church to which we are blessed to belong, and at the mystery of the Trinity that is the primal font and ultimate meaning of all reality.

About the Author

Luke Bell, OSB, is a monk of Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight in the U.K. A graduate of Cambridge University, he is the author of half a dozen other books on Christian spirituality, including A Deep and Subtle Joy: Life at Quarr Abbey and The Meaning of Blue: Recovering a Contemplative Spirit. In recent years he has run the internship program at Quarr Abbey.

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