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The Heart of Man

The Heart of Man

By Gerald Vann

218 pp

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About the Book

“The heart of man is a hunger for the reality which lies about him and beyond him.” So begins this book, which is a plea for the wholeness modern man is in danger of losing. He can achieve this wholeness, be wholly himself, only by being like his Creator as both lover and maker, and it is thus that Fr. Vann considers him. As lover, with reverence for all that life includes, however unlovable, man can find the way to become one with the universe as he longs to. He will express this love in his capacity of maker; of love itself, of art, of the family, the Church and the world.

Father Vann has much that is wise and helpful to say about life today in all these spheres, summed up in the reminder, so often needed, that any plan for mankind must fail that does not take into account the essential factor of the state of the heart of man.

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